Monday, February 2, 2009

Walls as Canvas - a documentary project

I began this new documentary project right after the turn of the New Year as a way to examine how graffiti artists use walls as an ever changing canvas. I'm lucky enough to have found two buildings that the owners don't seem to mind, if not actively encourage, graffiti artists painting. Out here in the MidWest, we're not exactly in a graffiti Mecca. However in talking with some of the writers, people migrate from as far away as New Mexico to leave their mark and participate in weekend tag sessions. I'll be posting each shoot as a collage of images, trying to make sure to go back every week or two to document the transformation. 

The image below illustrates the change that occurred between my last two shoots. It's amazing how organic the walls become, morphing between the varied whims and collective vision of the group. 

Stay tuned!

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