Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Transparent City by Michael Wolf

This week's Photo Book Tuesday selection is The Transparent City by Michael Wolf. Produced by the Aperture Foundation, I chose this book for evoking the challenges I always deal with when traveling to big cities. Being from rural Tennessee, the vertical nature of being in a larger building while being surrounded by same has always burdened me with a sense of loneliness and a fascination with what other people are doing in their tiny space just a short distance away. It's confining and altogether weird to me. It's also really cool.

I've been a fan of Wolf's work for years after a friend sent me a link to his Architecture of Density series covering high rise buildings in Hong Kong.

From the publisher,
Bringing his unique perspective on changing urban environments to a city renowned for its architectural legacy, Wolf chose to photograph the central downtown area, focusing specifically on issues of voyeurism and the contemporary urban landscape in flux.

112 pages, 60 color images
released in November 2008
$42.00 currently at Aperture's website
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