Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photographer's Forum 28th Annual Spring Photography Contest

It's still not too late to enter this larger scale contest, deadline is May 12th. I think I've gotten at least five emails from them reminding me about it. The good news here is that it is only $4.95 per entry. Categories include black & white and color images. There are $4000.00 in cash grants and two Canon cameras up for grabs so what have you got to loose.  Sphere: Related Content

Glynn Art Gallery - Welcome to My World 2008 Juried Photography Exhibition

Located on St. Simons Island in southeast Goergia, The Glynn Art Gallery is hosting its 17th Annual Welcome to My World Photography Exhibition opening on July 10th. Juried by Jay W. Shoots, deadline for the show is June 6th. Thirty five bucks gets you three entries. If you've never been to St. Simon's Island, this would be a fun place to have an excuse to attend a gallery opening. It's beautiful.  Sphere: Related Content

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wired Magazine Photo Contest

What have you got to loose? Wired Magazine is running a revolving photo contest, currently macro. Good news is that it's free to submit and with an alleged 35,000 subscribers that's not bad exposure. Bad news is they can't host the images so you'll have to go somewhere else to upload your shots. I use for hosting. It's free, and I have yet to have any problems. Previous contests include Red, Self-Portrait, Holga, and Night.

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Danger Girl - personal work from black and white graffiti portrait series

Shot under the bridge downtown ( are you humming some Red Hot Chili Peppers now.) The detail in this image is just sick. I'm starting to finally get the graffiti portrait series converted to black and white, as I have intended to do for quite some time. Why you ask convert to monochrome when graffiti is so colorful? Glad you asked, I like the rich texture the subject exhibits in a monochrome environment. The tactile feeling is more like a charcoal and paint piece than a photograph. 

I'm quite happy with the new developments in black and white printing technology and want to push some of my work in this direction.  
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Newspace Center for Photography 2008 Juried Competition

Here's a fun one. I just looked at the work of the guy they say is "at the helm" of this exhibiton and his stuff is left field. I love it. Check out the competition website and then bounce over to Don't pass up his blog. It's definitely one of the more offbeat lists I've seen in a while. 

Twenty five bucks will get you five image submissions, which isn't a bad deal considering most contests only allow you three shots and cost a little more as well. Exhibit runs July 3rd through August 3rd and one photographer wins a solo show in 2009, again a prize I haven't often seen. CD submission only, and the deadline is May 2nd so get going folks.

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Devil's Due - personal work recently converted to black and white

Taken in 2006, I've loved this image for quite some time and wanted to convert it to black and white. The punch of the shot in this form is great. Not a better statement could be made. Sphere: Related Content

Friday, April 25, 2008

Red Bull Art of Can 2008 Exhibition

My favorite energy drink is hosting the Art of Can 2008 Exhibition where folks, who are more creative than I am, submit art pieces created from Red Bull cans. They have some really interesting stuff in the Gallery so go check it out now. Exhibitions will be held in Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia if you are lucky enough to be close enough to attend. Sphere: Related Content

Pieter Hugo is the Man

Ok, first off if you haven't seen this guy's hyena and baboon pictures lately then you are living under a rock as his work seems to be on half the covers for the industry rags for the last month. I think his stuff is haunting and terribly beautiful. Take the time from your busy day and go check out his website. If I could afford to to buy a print from any photographer working today, it would be this guy.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check out Randal Ford's Photography if you haven't

He has a series of works inspired by classic Norman Rockwell themes that are beautiful, tragic, quirky, and everything else that's cool about photography.

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Bear Sterns Presidential Campaign Contributions

I got a little curious as to if the investment bank Bear Sterns had made presidential campaign contributions to candidates this year since they seem to have so much in the way liquid funds lately. No major contender was exempt from the take.

Giuliani tops the receivers at $175,091.
Hilary comes in next at $154,740.
Dodd collected $122,650.
McCain grabbed $80,200.
Edwards, Obama, Ron Paul, and Romney all got donations as well to the sum of $911,406 for all contributions made. 

With average Americans now shelling out an average of $3.51 for a gallon of gas and having trouble affording to keep their homes, this is a sad state of affairs with much of the money funneled into campaigns that went nowhere really. I can't say that I'm proposing a solution here. I wish I had the answers. I was just something I was thinking about, and I hope you are as well. Big business is making its voice heard to our elected officials. Make sure they hear your voice as well by getting involved. Vote to change this country and help to turn this thing around. 

Contribution numbers courtesy:
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Lord and Taylor Rose Photography contest

Get your work seen on handbags around the country. First selection round cuts to sixty. Grand prize winner gets a cool $10,000.00 prize and international press. Deadline is May 26th and submissions are online. The only catch is it has to be a rose. Good luck!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Gas Crisis

I shot this image a couple of weeks back while rummaging around some abandoned buildings with my buddy Dave. We found a room full of old gas pumps in various states of decline. I think the exposed dials, inviting you to change prices at will, is rather reflective statement about our current gas crisis. 

The black and white conversion method I used was a Greg Gorman Photoshop action tutorial that I found in the new issue of Digital PhotoPro.  If you are planning on trying it, give yourself some time to understand the methodology. The theory is as important as the result. Thanks, Greg!
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An article on How to Win a Photography Contest

A not bad blog article on how to win a photography contest written by a judge. The rest of their blog is worth a little poking around time if you have it. Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Join me and be a part of bloggers making a difference on May 15th. The dedicated masses of the blogosphere want you to speak your mind about human rights issues. Check out the site, grab a badge, and participate. 

If you are a photographer specializing or interested in social issues, get some free publicity for yourself and your human rights issue of choice by uploading your pictures. 
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Photo Review International Photography Competition

I got a mailer about this one the other day. Thirty dollars gets you three entries up to 16x20 in size. Deadline is May 15th. Prize winners will be exhibited at the photography gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and on the Photo Review website. Specs are more cumbersome than most contests so start early.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Sandra's new blog

I met Sandra during the cold winter this year at the Maine Media Workshops. Sharing war stories about the trials of being on the rock and roll road, we quickly developed a great relationship over suspect food and photo prints. Mrs. Raye is not only a great instructor, but is genuine and open as well. I don't speak this kindly of many people folks. She just started blogging and you should stop by and check it out. If you're fast enough, you might even score a free print. 

I must remember to inquire about her having lived in Kingsport, TN as it was part of my old stomping grounds. Many long nights were spent helping bands at the Casbah in Johnson City.
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Mom's tattoo

I got an email the other day from mom wondering why I hadn't ever mentioned that getting a tattoo hurts so badly. She is getting permanent eyebrows, which I would imagine is pretty painful. I was thinking about how my tattoos are a kind of map of where I've lived and the connection that sparks in my memories to those places and people every time I look at them. To those folks that I don't get to call often enough to check in on your lives, know that you are missed each time I look in the mirror. 

Here are the four shops that have worked on me. 
Voodoo Too Tattoo - Martinsburg, WV
Saint Tattoo & Body Piercing - Knoxville, TN (looks like their site is being overhauled atm)
West Side Tattoo - Colorado Springs, CO

For those now aware, Oklahoma was the last state to legalize tattooing. It wasn't legal until November 1st of 2006.
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

New York Photo Awards

You have one more day to enter The New York Photo Awards Competition. Deadline is 6PM on April 21st. The focus for this inaugural contest is to showcase student work and to generate exposure for those pushing the envelope of new photography. Students only. Winners will be asked to submit proof of this so don't fake it. Sphere: Related Content

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Purple Tulips #2

More from the ever expanding high key flower series. Sphere: Related Content

Wildlife Photo Competition

Here's one contest for folks who love to shoot wildlife, with a camera that is. It's sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation and will cost you $15 to enter. It covers six different categories and the deadline is July 1st. Grand prize is $5000.00.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pilsner Urquell International Photo Awards

If you're looking for a high exposure contest, look no further than this one. Also known as the IPA Competition, they have more categories here than any other contest I've seen. Cost is a bit higher here than most. It will be $35 for a single entry if you are a professional, $25 if you are a non-professional, and $15 for students. Deadline is April 30th, but you can upload online. 

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Point of interest

Some very interesting stuff. Lauren has a creative mind.

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What is modified? Part 1 - Saturation

Photographs by Brian Walski/Los Angeles Times

The top two photos involving Iraqi civilians by a Los Angeles Times photographer in March 2003 were blended in violation of the newspaper’s policy, and it fired the photographer.

I'm starting a new series about the concept of what exactly a modified photograph is. My goal being to stimulate this little community to examine how digital technology has changed the way we see and interpret an image. 

Part 1 - Saturation
In a recent print contest, part of the entry guideline criteria and indeed an entire category was devoted to modified images. The idea being that if you have modified an image, that should be disclosed. I agree wholeheartedly but the distinction of what that properly is has been a topic of much discussion and controversy, how far can you go before manipulation or alteration is necessary to distinguish for a particular image. In this installment, I'm looking specifically at saturation. 

For the contest that I entered, I made slight adjustments to saturation for all three images that were submitted. Not overly significant or beyond what nature could have provided in the way of color, it is part of my normal workflow to make such an adjustment so I don't consider this manipulation. I could have produced the same adjustment level by changing to Mode III on my Nikon or by using Velvia film. Still, I paused before checking the box that the image was not manipulated. I certainly don't want to tarnish my reputation by coming off as deceitful. Perhaps other photographers don't worry as much about this. I don't know so here's my attempt to start a discussion. Let me know what you think.
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Seeking International opportunities?

Here's your chance to get some international exposure. The Kiyosato Museum of Photograph Arts is accepting submissions for its 2008 Young Portfolio print acquisition . It isn't accurately a contest because the museum's goal is to support emerging talent and acquire pieces for their permanent collection. The catch is that you must be less than thirty-five years old. Annually, approximately 6000 prints are submitted and just under three hundred are accepted. Fifteen bucks US gets you five tries. Accepted prints are purchased for between $300.00 to $3000.00 US. The deadline is April 30th so get your stuff sent off ASAP. 

Good luck!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Graffiti in the Garden

The Denver Botanic Garden is embracing urban culture with a new exhibit this Summer. Read more about it here. Sphere: Related Content

Parents these days

For those of you who aren't aware of where Commerce City is, throw a stone outside Denver and you've got the location.  For those not knowing what it is, picture the most run down stretch of industrial landscape you can imagine that stretches on for miles constantly gasping for a minute breath of clean anything. Last time I was in the area, I was given an escort out. We took a little trip up from Colorado Springs to take a few pictures of the oil refineries trying to capture some cool industrial shots. It would seem post 9/11 they don't like that and security vehicles promptly lead us away. Two white guys with telephoto lenses in a Ford Ranger clearly were a threat to national security.

I got this interesting link from a buddy today about a couple in Commerce City, click here. It seems that an argument broke out between the two as to which gang their four year old should join. Yes, being a relatively new parent myself I can't say I've ever pondered that particular question for my child's future. Seriously, some people just shouldn't breed. I had to chuckle and inwardly cry. 

Thanks Dave!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Website relaunch

My new and improved website has been relaunched finally. Check me out and let me know what you think. More expanded content to follow shortly.

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Group show in the news

So, a show that I'm participating in which opened last Sunday is getting some good publicity. Reported by the AP and published by USAToday, check the link here. Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PPA Super Monday review

So, I attended the local PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Super Monday event yesterday and was quite pleased with what I got out of it. Super Monday is held across the country in April with local photographers presenting events in their geographic region. There is no unified course offering but instead pros develop the idea and format for their own unique classes so no two are the same. The class in our neck of the woods was hosted by Gary Patton and was focused on portrait lighting both in studio and outdoors. Not expecting much in reality, I found the small class environment fun and exciting. The road of the professional photographer can be lonely, and it was a welcome opportunity to share experiences and do a little networking. Local host instructors are not paid for the classes. Fees are used for scholarships and other PPA programs and instructors are given merit credit towards professional certificate programs. I like that system and was happy to support it. 

My only negative experience with the whole thing was the online registration system at the PPA website. I've had trouble twice now attempting to register for PPA offerings and can't understand why they don't get it together. My personal feeling is that Safari isn't likely supported. I emailed their customer service folks and have yet to get a response back now five days later. I'm not attempting to bash the PPA at all, but it's my decision to report my experiences here on my blog as honestly as I can. 

Thanks again to Gary and the class for making it such a memorable event, and to the PPA for creating such a good program.
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Experimenting with high-key flower imagery

Looking for feedback here folks. Don't be shy step right up, the line isn't unfortunately that long. This image has not been altered like crazy in photoshop, minor changes have been made to exposure and saturation but that's it.

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Photographic Center Northwest call for entries

The Photographic Center Northwest Gallery is now accepting entries for their 13th Annual Photographic Competition. Entry fee is forty bucks for four images. Deadline is Friday, May 9th and don't delay because you have to send in a CD, no online uploads here. 

Check it out here.
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Planting some trees

So, you'll notice the link widget to the right for tree donations to the Nature Conservancy. It's time to put our money where the lip service has been and do our part to help with global carbon emissions. 

For myself, I have two shows coming up this month and will donate five percent of print sales associated with both shows towards planting trees. 

What are you going to do?
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Friday, April 4, 2008

Interested in attending a photography festival this Summer? LOOK no further.

LOOK3 in Charlottesville, VA has some interesting offerings if you are looking for a photography festival to try and attend this Summer. Workshops run June 7-12 with the main schedule of events happening on June 12-14. The festival schedule promises an eclectic mix of inspirational opportunities. Of particular interest to me is the workshop with David Alan Harvey. If you have a chance, check out his website and review the student workshop blog.  Sphere: Related Content

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You gotta fight, for your right....

Ok, Beastie Boy references asideI’ve seen it quite a bit in the news recently where photographers are being harassed or even threatened for taking completely legal pictures. It seems odd to consider what is and what is not legal to shoot, but I must admit I had no clue myself exactly what is and what is not legal. So, I did a little digging and found the below site where you can print out a copy of exactly what your rights are. I’m keeping a copy in my bag from now on.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


New work on the Spheres Portfolio. I have four or five new images that I'm working on. This one in particular, I'm really excited about. I'm working on trying to balance the number of horizontal images with the verticals that are currently heavily weighting the portfolio.  Sphere: Related Content

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Loch Ness Monster Finally Confirmed!

Just Kidding! April Fool's ya'll. Sphere: Related Content

Beware! TSA uses color theory.

As a photographer, this scares me a little after they drove us all crazy trying to figure out if our lithium camera batteries were dangerous or not.

In an effort to make your travel experience easier, TSA and its 43,000 employees have unveiled their new plan to make you feel more comfortable while waiting in line. Plans include replacing the traditional cold steel theme with blue imaging and mood music. And yes, more than half a decade later they are finally putting out benches so you can sit down to put your shoes back on. I feel more calm and secure already.

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