Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Piano in rural Oklahoma

Image copyright 2009 Byron O'Neal

My buddy Dave and I found an old, abandoned church while venturing into rural Oklahoma last week. It was the kind of place that you would think would have been full of great photographic subjects, but it was really hard to make sense of the place. There were a few scattered pages from hymnals and this old piano that stood out in the scene. I tried to do some macro work with the internal guts of the thing and in the end produced nothing that I liked. A slightly wider perspective seems to have worked out much better. It was a creepy place overall, covered in vines with all the windows smashed. There was some critter moving around on the hole riddled suspended ceiling that ran me out quicker than I would have preferred. I picked up  a distinct odor that could only be skunk so we beat a hasty retreat out of there leaving it to whatever had claimed the place. 

I find telling the story of time to be a challenging endeavor with a photograph. Having seen others do it, I know it can be done yet I find my skill yet lacking to some degree. In the end, I got an image out of it I really like which is more than I can say about some of my other trips. 
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