Thursday, January 29, 2009

Close Up: Photographers at Work program on the Ovation Network

I had two of these recorded for a week or two and finally got a chance to watch them the other night while recovering from the stomach bug that's going around. Both were excellent, I would highly recommend taking the time to check it out. Each episode focuses on small group of established photographers, prompting them to discuss the impact of their work and its process. The interviews range from fine art, architectural, portrait, or documentary photography covering a nice spectrum. 

The show was produced for the Ovation Network by Maysles Films. I at first thought it rather arrogant that Albert Maysles was the first to be interviewed considering his film company was the producer. After watching it, I was very wrong. I found his interview to be one of the most intriguing of the show and was challenged to see street photography in a new way. He is a ridiculously likable personality who's smile and honest nature are infectious. For those wary of taking pictures of people, take notes from how this guy interacts with his subjects. Rounding out Maysles in the first episode are Gregory Crewdson, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Andrew Moore, and Sylvia Plachy

One can only hope that more are in the works.
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