Friday, October 10, 2008

TheWife's Take on Yellow Tangs

I have to admit, I don't read my husband's blog every day. Then again, some days I forget to brush my teeth. When eating is optional, brushing your teeth just seems to lose some importance, I don't know. I've been doing better lately, though - probably a sign I'm not working hard enough.

Anyway, the yellow tangs.

First, I looked a the picture. I thought, "Hey, that kind of looks like a painting!" Then I read it and realized it was a photograph. Not that unusual for B's work. Then I realized I was there. I thought, "Sweet! I contributed, somehow. Maybe." Then I remembered. Remembered that I was the size of a large storage shed. Remembered my internal thermometer was set somewhere around 100. Remembered the feeling of my ribs and cervix getting kicked. Remembered the sweat running down my back and thinking, "Why oh why did I wear a dress?" Especially, though, remembered looking at all the surreally (is that a word?) beautiful fish floating in gorgeous configurations and wanting so badly to jump in the water with them and their protectively hovering sea turtle friends. I wanted it so badly I considered stripping down to my less-than-attractive pregnant, sweaty, naked self and just jumping in.

"Hey, it's Hawaii. They're more laid-back here, right? How much trouble could I get in?"

Then I looked around and saw all the families. And the kids. Gaggles of children, innocent, shining, hopeful. They deserve to hold on to that innocent freshness, right?

What I thought?

"I'll never get licensed if I get convicted of a felony. Is indecent exposure a felony or a misdemeanor here?"

Now that would be a picture for an entirely different blog, eh?

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jelbar said...

I like when the wife makes her appearance. I vote "more wife!"