Thursday, October 2, 2008

James Nachtwey's TED Images are revealed

Image copyright James Nachtwey. From the Afghanistan Series.

James Nachtwey is one of the world's most renown photojournalists. Having covered global conflicts and social issues for the last three decades, he won the 2007 TED Prize and was given $100,000 and the means to grant a wish to make a better world. Tomorrow, October 3rd, his project will be revealed via LED screens on all seven continents and the web. I urge you to join me in viewing this landmark photographic event. Click on the banner ad to the left on my blog to check it out.

TED started in 2004 as a means to bring people from Technology, Entertainment, and Design together to foster the spreading of great ideas and has more than 300 free inspirational talks available on their website.

UPDATE 10/3/2008
The project that James Nachtwey has been working on is bringing awareness to a dangerous new form of tuberculosis. The image set can only be described as humbling and powerful. Check it out if you already haven't.

UPDATE 10/10/2008

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