Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ONeal Urban clothing morning photo shoot goes terribly wrong

ONeal Urban signed its first spokes-model this week and those of us here at headquarters aren't so sure that was such a great idea. 

The mood was high this morning as dawn licked the horizon and our heads buzzed with excitement as production began on our first ever photo shoot with the new model. He came highly recommended and although quiet, was lighthearted and reasonably well behaved (for a model anyway). We could not have been prepared for the chaos that was to ensue.

For no apparent reason, he stormed off into the wardrobe area shortly after the shoot had begun and proceeded to toss cosmetics about haphazardly. One of the grips captured the incident on his camera phone (see left image). All attempts to communicate utterly failed as he adopted speaking Farsi or perhaps some Mongolian dialect, anyway not anything we were familiar with. At that point, we assumed he thought something was amiss with his make-up as he quickly opened up a jar of Vaseline and attempted to apply it onto himself. To make matters worse, the photographer kept complaining about the lighting and abruptly stormed off in search of an energy drink or something until as he put it," ... you idiots get this thing under control". What a mess! We tried to wrangle the talent back into line only to discover that our photographer (Byron O'Neal) was smoozing on the props girl whom he claimed he already had a relationship with. His wife, likely story! The model quickly fell into hysterics and could only be consoled with a hug. Who hired these guys? 

Feeling defeated we wrote the shoot off as a flop and accepted that all our careful planning was wasted. Evidently, craft services was originally to blame as our model got peeved about not having any organic hot dogs available. Who eats hot dogs at 7am anyway, such is the glamorous life I suppose. We're back in negotiations with the model's agent now. This cat is threatening to take us to court over some labor clause, will it ever end? 

Not to be defeated, we'll try again another day. 
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Catharine said...

awesome. love your commentary!