Tuesday, April 8, 2008

PPA Super Monday review

So, I attended the local PPA (Professional Photographers of America) Super Monday event yesterday and was quite pleased with what I got out of it. Super Monday is held across the country in April with local photographers presenting events in their geographic region. There is no unified course offering but instead pros develop the idea and format for their own unique classes so no two are the same. The class in our neck of the woods was hosted by Gary Patton and was focused on portrait lighting both in studio and outdoors. Not expecting much in reality, I found the small class environment fun and exciting. The road of the professional photographer can be lonely, and it was a welcome opportunity to share experiences and do a little networking. Local host instructors are not paid for the classes. Fees are used for scholarships and other PPA programs and instructors are given merit credit towards professional certificate programs. I like that system and was happy to support it. 

My only negative experience with the whole thing was the online registration system at the PPA website. I've had trouble twice now attempting to register for PPA offerings and can't understand why they don't get it together. My personal feeling is that Safari isn't likely supported. I emailed their customer service folks and have yet to get a response back now five days later. I'm not attempting to bash the PPA at all, but it's my decision to report my experiences here on my blog as honestly as I can. 

Thanks again to Gary and the class for making it such a memorable event, and to the PPA for creating such a good program.
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