Monday, April 21, 2008

Mom's tattoo

I got an email the other day from mom wondering why I hadn't ever mentioned that getting a tattoo hurts so badly. She is getting permanent eyebrows, which I would imagine is pretty painful. I was thinking about how my tattoos are a kind of map of where I've lived and the connection that sparks in my memories to those places and people every time I look at them. To those folks that I don't get to call often enough to check in on your lives, know that you are missed each time I look in the mirror. 

Here are the four shops that have worked on me. 
Voodoo Too Tattoo - Martinsburg, WV
Saint Tattoo & Body Piercing - Knoxville, TN (looks like their site is being overhauled atm)
West Side Tattoo - Colorado Springs, CO

For those now aware, Oklahoma was the last state to legalize tattooing. It wasn't legal until November 1st of 2006.
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