Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bear Sterns Presidential Campaign Contributions

I got a little curious as to if the investment bank Bear Sterns had made presidential campaign contributions to candidates this year since they seem to have so much in the way liquid funds lately. No major contender was exempt from the take.

Giuliani tops the receivers at $175,091.
Hilary comes in next at $154,740.
Dodd collected $122,650.
McCain grabbed $80,200.
Edwards, Obama, Ron Paul, and Romney all got donations as well to the sum of $911,406 for all contributions made. 

With average Americans now shelling out an average of $3.51 for a gallon of gas and having trouble affording to keep their homes, this is a sad state of affairs with much of the money funneled into campaigns that went nowhere really. I can't say that I'm proposing a solution here. I wish I had the answers. I was just something I was thinking about, and I hope you are as well. Big business is making its voice heard to our elected officials. Make sure they hear your voice as well by getting involved. Vote to change this country and help to turn this thing around. 

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