Friday, September 5, 2008

Pete Eckert's different approach to photography

 Image copyright Pete Eckert

Pete is an amazing photographer. He's also blind. 

Biography from the recent Exposure contest he won: 
I am a totally blind person. But by memorizing the event of taking photos using sound and touch I have a clear minds eye view of my work. I could do conceptual art by showing the contact sheets and do a write-up about the event of shooting the photos. This would eliminate sighted people from my process. I don't. I want' to interact with sighted people. I am trying to cut a path as a blind artist. By interacting with sighted people I am building bridges.It is important to talk to viewers in gallery shows for me too.My work makes people question their assumptions. By sharpening my other senses and translating what I hear helps my skills. I can see again. I am not trying to depict the sighted world. I am trying to show the world I now see using my other senses. My memories, emotions, as well as sound and touch play a part.Some people don't think I am blind after looking at my work.I am a visual person, I just can't see. 

Check out his website:
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