Monday, September 8, 2008

Let's Spice Things Up

I'm Byron's wife. Sometimes (well, quite a bit, really), I think his blog is a So I've decided that I'm going to blog with him! My posts won't be professional, they won't necessarily be informative, and they may not have a thing to do with photography. I will, however, make an attempt to make them entertaining. And I'm pretty busy these days, so we'll see how much I manage to post.
The first time I knew I was in trouble was during the first year we were dating. He had a little bookshelf in his room, full of lots of interesting books, and a picture. This picture happened to be of a bug. Now, I like bugs as much as anyone, more than quite a few. And as bugs go, this one was cute. But Byron...he stared at this little ladybug, the way I stare at chocolate chip cookies when they're warm and buttery, fresh from the oven, and I have a tall cold glass of milk handy. 
When I knew it was all over? One day that first summer I'd dressed up, trying to be cute. You know, when you spend 20 minutes in the bathroom trying to make your ponytail look artfully disheveled, carefully cultivating the I-didn't-put-any-makeup-on makeup. I was wearing an adorable little tank top and had freshly painted toenails. So I was hanging out looking at his plants (in those days, he had GORGEOUS plants everywhere), and he was staring at me. I thought 'Hey! Those 20 minutes on a ponytail - totally worth it!'
  TheWife: Whatcha thinking?
  Byron: The light looks really beautful on your skin. 

And all was lost.

Love, TheWife
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