Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ichthyo: The Architecture of Fish book

This book is simply different. In flipping through the pages, it took me back to being a kid and seeing my first glass catfish. It was like watching a skeleton swimming and calls to mind those Discovery Channel shows about deep sea submersibles and the weird critters inhabiting the deep oceans. This book will take you to that place of wonder, your inner child. So, I think it's cool.

From the publisher:
Originally created to preserve a record of scientific samples, the balck and white X-rays of fish at the Smithsonian Institution have emerged as astonishing works of art in their own right. This stunning compendium of images-comparable to fine and delicate engravings-is drawn from the National Museum of Natural History, which holds the world's largest collection of ichthyological specimens (and which, upon the reopening of its Ocean Hall set to open on September 27 in the Summer of 2008, will put these X-rays on permanent display). As mesmerizingly beautiful as they are amazingly detailed, these images reveal the hidden wonders of the creatures of the deep.

The number of great photography books that are coming out right now is simply amazing. To bring light to many of these great offerings, I'm starting Photo Book Tuesdays. Each week I will be highlighting a book or two that I think deserves a little more attention. If you have the spare time, bounce over to Chronicle Book's website. They are the publishers of this and many other interesting new photo and art books. 

Published in May 2008.
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