Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Combining two images in Photoshop CS3 using HDR

I'm finally back home from a week long commercial trip to St. Petersburg, Florida with 1,375 plus images to sort through for an art  renovation of the Downtown Hampton Inn & Suites. Whew! Apologies go out to my readership for not keeping the blog updated much while I was out of town, I'll be frequently updating this week as I go through the shots from the trip and sharing some of my favorites.

I came across an interesting article in the March/April issue of Photo Techniques Magazine that suggests different options for using the HDR Automation in Photoshop. It gave me a few ideas, and the image to the left is an experiment in combining two completely different images and the very funky result. The first shot was of two gulls trying to swoop in and steal fish scraps at the Fort De Soto Fishing Pier. The second, not that you could tell, is a shot of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge taken at night with the camera positioned on the steering wheel while traveling at 65 MPH. The potential for combining images in this way is endless and a quick trip to Barnes and Noble or Borders is well worth it to check out the article. It's a great tool for inspiration and reminded me that we live in a very exciting time for photography. 

If you just can't wait, the HDR feature is under File/Automate in Photoshop. A word of caution that will save you time with this type of converting, make sure that the pixel dimensions for the images are the same. 
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