Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iraq War Civilian Body Count

You may have noticed the counter I've added for the civilian body count for the Iraq War. My intent is not to argue over whether we should or shouldn't remain in Iraq or talk about troop withdrawal timelines. However, we should all be reminded of the terrible cost in human lives that this ongoing conflict is creating. May we find a peaceful resolution soon and may our troops return home safely to their families.

From their site:

Iraq Body Count is an ongoing human security project which maintains and updates the world’s largest public database of violent civilian deaths during and since the 2003 invasion. The count encompasses non-combatants killed by military or paramilitary action and the breakdown in civil security following the invasion.

Data is drawn from cross-checked media reports, hospital, morgue, NGO and official figures to produce a credible record of known deaths and incidents.

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