Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fine Art Originals

Here's your chance to upload up to ten images alongside a group of talented artists representing various medias for FREE. It's a great opportunity to get linked up and feed back to your own personal site. Get in while they are allowing the larger upload capacity. When I first joined up about two years ago, you were only able to upload two at no charge. I haven't received annoying email from them as one might expect either. 

A word of caution: choose your images carefully. I had two images up that readily popped up on the first page when searching for my name from this site. Foolishly, I changed them to keep things fresh and had to wait several months for them to get back into the Google loop. So make sure what you are putting up are images you are happy to have representing your work for some time or only use five to start with and give yourself some time to add later on. I am displaying a portfolio with a consistent theme myself which might be a good idea to help create your identity versus a grouping or random images. 

Again, one of the easier methods to funnel searchers to your personal site and move up the Google urchin line is to have links from other sites. Don't pass this up!

Check them out here.
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